Skibbereen & District Historical Society 2023 Journal has 16 articles covering a diverse and wide range of topics.

An interesting feature of the 2023 Journal is that of the 16 articles, 8 are written by new contributors to the Journal. For 5 of those authors, it is the first time they have had an article published.

Another interesting feature of the Journal is that the article by James K. Collins, ‘Fixed Rents, Land Purchase, and the Rise of the Irish Tenant Proprietors 1881–1903’, has a database to accompany it. The database of 116 judicially fixed rents in Creagh Parish and 130 in Tullagh Parish between December 1892 and 26 June 1901 can be viewed on the Skibbereen & District Historical Society website A list of tenants whose rents were judicially fixed may also be found in contemporary Cork newspapers. Two such lists for the Skibbereen Union can be found in the Cork Constitution of 13 July 1888 and in the Cork Examiner of 1 July 1901.

Skibbereen & District Historical Society 2023 Journal is available in shops in west Cork. The 2023 Journal and most of the other 18 volumes can also be purchased online at

2023 Journal has eight new contributors!

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