In most homes and workplaces we have old photographs stored away, half forgotten which are enormously important as part of our social history. We invite all who read this to give some thought to pictures you may have which might be of interest to us in putting together an archive in an attempt to map the social history of our area.

We call this project “in the frame”. Material collected by us will be featured in our blog and if the response is good we hope to add a dedicated section on our website for this project.

We are interested in taking on this task because it interests us but also as a service to any who wish to research the social history of Skibbereen and surrounding districts out of personal interest or as an academic exercise. Any pictures you allow us see will be carefully copied and returned to you with a new copy from the archive. If you have a story to go with a picture this will be carefully recorded also and included with the picture in the archive.

Without your help our project is doomed to failure. All you need do at this stage is contact us by providing a comment below, to let us know who you are and how to contact you. Please also include a note of what you are able to share with us.

Of course the majority of people who may have what we are looking for neither use the internet nor social media. Please ask anyone you know who might be able to help us and let us have a note of their details including either postal address or phone number.

We recently featured the picture below. We include it again but this time we have included the names of the young men seen in the picture. Sadly, at least two have died. The survivors will now be in their early sixties. Can you add to our knowledge about these local people.

St. Patrick's Boys National School, Class of '68
St. Patrick’s Boys National School, Class of ’68 Back: Bernard Newman RIP, Patrick Hourihane, Noel Kearney, Pat O’Brien, Eddie MacEoin, Maurice Kennedy, Middle: Gerard Heavey, Reddy O’Regan, Derry O’Sullivan, Tadgh Buckley, Kevin O’Donovan, Andrew Caverly, Jerome O’Neill, Pat Kearney, Front: Noel Gill RIP, Brendan Barnes, Harry Thornhill, John McCarthy, Charlie O’Donovan, Tommy Healy, Bobby Whyte, Gerard O’Brien, Albert Harte, Danny O’Driscoll, Jimmy O’Mahony, Billy Newman.

Where are they now? What have they done since the picture was taken? Would they like to get together to have the picture taken again?

Have you a picture of your class in school or college? Your sporting team? Your work colleagues? Any other group? Will you please share with us?

Over to you.


In the frame.