Just why so little has been written or recorded about the River Ilen is something we can’t answer.

Thankfully, Robert Harris has undertaken to correct this anomaly and has written the first of a two-part article on the River Ilen for the 2022 Skibbereen Historical Journal.

For such an important waterway in west Carbery, it is quite remarkable that so little has been written about the Ilen.

In 2020 and 2021 Robert published a series of articles on the Ilen River on the Roaringwater Journal, https://roaringwaterjournal.com, the brilliant blog which he and Finola Finlay write.

In ‘Sweet Ilen – the story of a river: Part 1 – Source to Tide’ Robert has concentrated on the upper part of the river.

Robert writes of the topography and history of the Ilen and also refers to the geology of the area. In a wonderfully written and entertaining account, Robert has brought together pretty much all the information on the Ilen from a myriad of sources. We look forward with anticipation to Part 2!

The 2022 Skibbereen Historical Journal is selling for €12. As well as local shops, this year’s Journal, and a selection of back issues, can be purchased online at https://biblio.ie/bookstore/coolim-books-skibbereen/shj/39607814

Sweet Ilen – the story of a river: Part 1 – Source to Tide

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